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Everyone I spoke with on the phone, or saw at the house, was super-nice and patient, which was most appreciated!


I started having these weird bites on my skin after my husband and I came back from our stay in an Airbnb. I did some googling and it looked exactly like bed bug bites. I initially freaked out and decided to give this company a call and I couldn’t be happier. The woman who answered the phone was extremely helpful and got someone out to me within the hour. They checked my entire home top to bottom and found traces of bed bugs and eggs on my luggage that I brought from my recent trip. I was clearly shaken up by this but the technician was so calm and very reassuring that he could take care of this problem for us. I was surprised they could treat same day and very thankful since I did not want to sleep in my room in fear of being bitten again. I decided to go with their steam treatment option since the tech explained it wasn’t a infestation and that a heat treatment was most likely not recommended at this early stage. I truly appreciate him not trying to up sale anything to me and gave me his honest opinion. I was very pleased with his work he really took his time and I haven’t had a single bite in several months. I wanted to hold out on this review just to make sure it worked first so you guys deserve this! Thank you so much for everything i will recommend you to any friends or family that ever have this unfortunate problem.



The service was excellent! My providers name was Cory and he was very knowledgeable and professional during the process. He answered all my questions and his inspection was good. I will be inquiring about monthly services. I emailed them same day and I had an appointment within a few hours. I did not have to wait several days like major companies. Try this company!!


My boyfriend and I hired this company after getting a quote from another company which didn’t seem competent enough for the job. When ECO came out to do the inspection it was extremely thorough and detailed compared to the last company we used. The technician was helpful and really kind when answering all of our questions. He explained how their heat treatment worked for bed bugs and i was sold! We just really needed them gone since they had been in our home for 6 months before we ever even noticed them. Both myself and my boyfriend don’t react to bed bug bites which i had no idea was a thing.

The treatment took about 8 hours total and they really went above and beyond. The prep wasn’t too bad on our end and they walked us through every step and even did their best to put things back where they found them. Double bonus! When we came back home you could literally see how the annihilated all the bed bugs in our home is was quite the pleasant sight. They came back about 3 weeks later for a follow up inspection and didn’t find one single sign of bed bugs! I was ecstatic and could finally get a good nights rest. I absolutely loved their service and would recommend them to anyone dealing with bed bugs. Thanks again!


The company specializes in bed bug removal, as I had them hiding for months, without knowing. After calling several places and deciding the right treatment for my situation, Eco Bed Bug Exterminators were the BEST choice. They explained what I needed to do for preparation and I had the heat treatment. Jared is extremely professional and did an awesome job, explaining everything in a very understandable manner. They did one follow-up treatment because my case was pretty bad and he just finished the final inspection – NO sign of bedbugs and I could not be happier! I highly recommend Jared and Eco Bed Bug Exterminators, especially if you have tried other methods. Bed bugs are VERY hard to get rid of completely, as I learned from other people since my experience in fall of 2020.


This was my first time dealing with an in home bed bug situation along with Eco Bed Bug Exterminators. Jill, she was kind of enough to explain the process to me over the phone and reassured me that they would would be able to solve this issue quickly made me sign up for an appointment within 3 minutes of the call. Jared, who was the exterminator was very professional, knowledgeable and timely. Also, he did an amazing job explaining the machine, difference between the chemical and steam process, and was super thorough in making sure he got every inch and corner in my bedroom. He found one during the initial inspection fast! Then, another bed bug immediately fell off from during the steam process. I’m so grateful they were able to get me on the books the same day due to a cancellation. This company definitely knows what they are doing and I would definitely really recommend Eco Bed Bug Exterminators to anyone!!


People told me that traveling so much was bound to get me bedbugs eventually, but I always thought, “no way, that’s why I’m careful about which hotels I choose.” Would you believe that my latest trip to the obx (right here in the USA!) was the trip that finally caught up to me. As soon as I realized there might be a problem, I called Eco DC and Jared was there within a couple hours and inspected thoroughly and kept after it until he finally found a culprit. He was back by that evening with his equipment and he stayed engaged until every inch of this premise was protected and treated.
Thanks, Eco DC, you’re killin’ it


“My experience was very pleasing with this company. They were completely helpful from the start and even accommodated me same day on such short notice. The technician Corey was awesome! He found the source of the problem right away which was our luggage. Gross!!!

After finding out our home wasn’t infested but very early on we opted for their steam treatment and couldn’t be happier. The whole process calming, I was expecting it to be very stressful but Corey made me feel very comfortable during this ordeal. All the bed bug bites have completely stopped and I can finally get a good nights rest! I will recommend you all to anyone who comes across this unfortunate event.”


“This company saved my Thanksgiving! We had family coming in from all over this year and somehow ended up with bed bugs. They were able to accommodate us same day with a bed bug treatment. By the time our family arrived we were completely free of bed bugs after choosing their heat treatment. It’s been about 2 weeks and he haven’t felt or seen a bug since. Truly appreciate your quick action and wonderful staff. I will recommend you all to anyone dealing with this unfortunate nightmare. Thanks again!”


“I HAVE NO MORE BED BUGS !!!Thanks to these guys. It’s been a nightmare these past 2 months . I had another company come out and do a chemical treatment twice and unfortunately they still weren’t able to get the infestation under control. I felt so defeated and cheated out of my money . The tech that came out to my house told me a overnight heat treatment would be the best . He explained in detail about the process . I felt comfortable and at ease when speaking to the tech . I trust this company and they stand by what they mean ! They did offer me a warranty. It’s been about 2 weeks and still no sign bed bugs . I’m really happy I decided to use them as a provider ! I would recommend them if you want a one and done treatment.”


“This company was recommended to me by a co-worker who used their service recently. I had quite the scare after our office turned up with bed bugs. Ryan was excellent! He went through my entire house top to bottom and assured me I hadn’t brought anything into my home. Huge sigh of relief 😅. Trust these guys they are legit!!”


I got bed bugs over the holidays and it has been nothing short of a nightmare dealing with it. I had another company come out to inspect it and they were so awful and uninformative that I was immediately on the hunt for another company. Luckily, I found ECO and they were kind enough to make some room in their busy day to have someone come out to take a look at my place. Ryan was so informative — he let me know what treatment they could offer and what they would do and why it was effective. A couple of days later, they had their team of technicians heat treating my unit!

They showed up exactly on time, answered all of my questions and concerns thoroughly, and were just so friendly — ESPECIALLY compared to the other company. They really understood the concept of great customer service and delivered.

After the treatment was done, I still had some questions about certain things. I asked Ryan and he was immediately responsive and helpful. I mean, you really can’t beat that type of customer service.”


“The technician came out to determine if I had bed bugs, which unfortunately was confirmed. After the inspection he explained each option and gave me his recommendation, I decided to go with the steam since I did not have a bad infestation. Got an appointment the same week, treated the two rooms and so far, I haven’t seen any more bed bugs. Their service is great and discreet.   I would recommend them to anyone with a bed bug problem.


“We found bugs in our bed and I immediately panicked and thought we had a bed bug problem. Contacted these guys, Ryan arrived right on time and I could tell from the get go he knew what he was talking about. He was very thorough, inspecting everywhere they can hide and explaining to me how to find them. I was full of questions and he happily answered all of them. Turns out, it wasn’t bed bugs it was carpet beetles! I was so relieved that they were able to save me a ton of money and not push any overpriced treatment on me.


Our experience was nothing short of excellent. They responded immediately to our first inquiry and made an appointment for the following day. After a thorough, efficient and thoughtful inspection, we received our quote on the spot. I was able to set an appointment for the next day to rid our house of bed bugs.

They were thorough, respectful, on-time and quick to respond when we had questions. My husband and I were extremely happy with the results.

5-star  SIMO – ALEXANDRIA, VA – JULY 2018

“Thank you guys for taking care of my home like your own. Couldn’t be more satisfied that this bed bug nightmare is over!! Best exterminator company in the NOVA area!!”


“I was told these guys do a complete and thorough job, and once I had a tenant complain of possible bed bugs I called these guys immediately. They confirmed the bugs, and proceeded with the extermination. Its been about 3 months now, and the apartment is still clear of bed bugs.”


“Eco Bed Bug Exterminators DC is the way to go when dealing with bed bugs. They go above and beyond and are very accommodating with your schedule. Heat products was to my surprise but definitely better than dealing with chemicals around my kids and furniture. 10 stars is what they deserve, my family couldn’t be happier with results.”


“Used these guys for a terrible bed bug issue my home had, the job was done about a month ago. The only reason its taken me this long to write this review is because I had previous exterminators come and “exterminate” my home, would see results for 2 weeks or so and the bugs were back! A friend recommended Eco bed bug to me and after spending money over and over I was at the point where I felt miserable in my own home, and didn’t want to trust any more exterminators. They were very understandable about my frustration and made sure it was at an affordable rate. Came out the same day and did the job within 3-4 hours. A month later, I have not seen any more bed bugs and I am more than relieved and happy with the results. Money well spent!”

5-star  TAMMY IVANOVIC – Alexandria, VA – JUNE 2O18

“This exterminator company is absolutely amazing. Their customer service is was superb. This might be embarrassing, but this was my second time getting beg bugs, I travel for a living so imagine how many hotels and Airbnb’s my belongings have been in. I’ve always thought bed bugs were only killed with chemicals to be honest. A lot of companies I’ve called and dealt with in the past all had chemical products. Eco bed bug is eco friendly and use eco friendly products and heat to get the bed bugs out the way. I must say results have been outstanding!!”

5-star  Skylar Steward – Arlington, VA – MAY 2018

“Called this company because I suspected bed bugs were in my home. Eco’s bed bug inspector came out to inspect my home and turns out we did not have bed bugs but dust mites. Relieving to say the least. Truly appreciated their honesty and saving me the cost of a bed bug treatment. Great people Great company!”

5-star  Carl Nguyen – Washington DC – DECEMBER 2017

“My children had been coming home from school with bites. We were confused to what was happening because no one in our home was waking up with bites. Finally the school realized it was happening to everyone and the school had gotten bed bugs. After shutting the school down for inspection and treatment I decided to be on the safe side and do my own inspection. Thankfully my girls didn’t bring any bed bugs to the house. Even though we didn’t have bed bugs these guys helped a lot with inspecting our home in every angle possible. Very professional and definitely reliable with time $ quoting.”

5-star  Loretta S Williams – Washington, DC – OCTOBER 2017

“They did a thorough inspection of my home for bed bugs after my newborn was waking up with bites. Turns out that it wasn’t bed bugs but he did find several spiders hiding in a corner near the crib. Grateful it’s not bed bugs thanks for your honesty.”

5-starRonald  La Fleur – Washington, DC – SEPTEMBER 2017

“I had the gruesome discovery of bed bugs on Labor Day morning, I called Eco Bed Bug Exterminators and they were there within one hour, on a holiday. Amazing! Jared, the technician was very polite, did a very thorough examination of my home and went to work. He not only attacked the site of the infestation, but tracked it down to the point of origin. He asked me if I had traveled recently, and I told him that I had traveled to New Orleans two weeks before. He asked for my luggage and treated my suit case as well as rest of my house. The biting stopped immediately. Two weeks later as scheduled, he returned and did a second treatment of the whole house. I could not be more pleased and would use this company again if needed. Many thanks for a comfortable night sleep again.”


“We were so happy to have found your company! You arrived on time and were very thorough. Tech was great, service was outstanding, and communication was perfect. Thanks again!”

5-star YANA ANDERSON – Washington, DC – JULY 2017

“You have no idea how pleased I am to finally get rid of these bugs! Battled them for months in our home after we used Airbnb for a weeks. Terrible situation. Nonetheless you guys really came through for us and fixed this never ending problem. If I could give 6 stars I would. Thank you for your service and I will be recommending you.”


“Thankful we decided to call you after another company failed to realize we had bed bugs during the inspection I paid for. That second opinion really shed light on my concern and almost caused my wife to faint. She and I are very grateful you were able to fix our problem  right away. We are both finally getting sleep and things are going back to normal. Thank you!”


“You all literally saved me from loads of embarrassment. My in laws were going to be staying in our new house for a week and we had no idea the home had beds bugs. We truly thought it was the mosquitoes outside. Come to find out we brought them in from a moving truck that had moved a families belongings which was infested just prior to us. How pleasant. Long story short you did what you promised and my in laws never knew a thing 🙂 Bless you guys.”


“After coming home from vacation in Europe I noticed bites all over my arms and legs. I spent 3 weeks trying to figure out what was going on and I finally realized I had bed bugs. Found these guys on Google and loved their reviews. Ended up hiring them since they offered an eco-friendly approach and couldn’t be happier with the service. All bites have stopped and I’m bed bug free!”


“My mother ended up with bed bugs in her home but no one knew for 7 months. She is elderly and the doctors told her she might be having an allergic reaction and put her on medication. That didn’t help at all and the bumps became worse. After some research of my own I wondered if it could be bed bugs. Checked some reviews and had Eco Exterminators do a consultation on her home. They found a very large infestation in her box spring and behind an outlet. They really took care of our situation and did it at an affordable cost. My mother and I thank you so much for ending this problem.” 


“Discovered bed bug bites on my arm after returning from a trip to  Boston and gave these guys a call. The tech who came out did a full home inspection and found them solely in my room. mainly on my box spring. Yuck! They did a same day service and I haven’t seen or gotten a bite since.” 


“All I can say is thank you!!! After countless companies and dollars spent we finally got our problem solved. 2 years my husband and I dealt with bed bugs, I truly thought it would never end. We decided to give the eco friendly solution a try and I’m so happy we did. After the first treatment we noticed dead bugs along the floor. What a sight! These guys are good. Highly recommend”


“Awesome job! Had no idea I was getting bed bug bites even the doctor told me it wasn’t bed bugs. Sure enough they found some on my headboard and confirmed it for me. They got to work right away and I was able to stick around since it was all eco friendly. I really liked that about them which is why I chose them to begin with. Overall 5 stars.”