Bed Bug Heat Prep



To prepare for your bed bug thermal heat treatment, we ask that you take the following measures to ensure our treatment is completely effective:

____ 1. Unplug all electronics from outlets inside home except for major appliances.

____ 2. All bedding should be removed from beds washed and place in sealed plastic bag. Leave mattress encasements on bed if you have one. Remove all items under beds.

____ 3. Open all closets, drawers, and doors of all furniture such as nightstands, chests, dressers, and cabinets in the areas to be treated.

____ 4. All items need to be removed from dresser drawers, bagged and run through the dryer on high heat for a minimum of 30 minutes. Non fabric items in nightstand/dresser can stay (i.e. phone charger, tv remote, jewelry, pens/pencils etc. Clothes hanging in closet can be left hanging, items folded in or piled in closet need to be bagged and run through the dryer on high heat for a minimum for 30 minutes.

_____5. If we are treating the area where your linen closet is located please remove and bag towels, hand/wash clothes and sheets and run through the dryer on high heat for a minimum of 30 minutes.

____ 6. If you have many items on the walls or on shelves that may be damaged from high velocity fans, please take these articles down. We will be bringing in large fans and want to make sure we don’t damage your belongings while we work.

____ 7. Drain water beds. Deflate air beds.

____ 8. It is extremely important to eliminate clutter and reduce hiding places for bed bugs. Reduce clutter to the bare necessities to make treatments more effective.

____ 9. Food items that may melt at higher temperatures, including chocolate, candy and solid oils as well as fresh fruit should be stored in the refrigerator. Place all alcoholic beverages in refrigerator.

____ 10. Drugs, medications, and vitamins should also be stored in the refrigerator during our heat treatment.

____11. Remove any items that you think can be damaged from excessive heat. Heirlooms, old photos and anything of irreplaceable value.

____12. Electronics can be left during the heat process be sure to power off. If you would like to remove them due to your personal concern, please do so.

____13. Move all furniture and belongings a minimum of 6 inches from walls.

____14. Remove outlet covers from all bedrooms and any infected areas.

____15. Make sure to leave your vacuum cleaner indoors during treatment so we can make sure to thermally treat it in order to kill any bed bugs which may remain alive inside the bag or dust area.

____16. It’s the owner or agent’s responsibility to notify our company of the presence of fire sprinklers and heat sensors. Please remove batteries from smoke detectors.

____17. Please do a thorough cleaning of your home PRIOR to the thermal heat treatment. All pet hair, dander, dust, and other allergens should be vacuumed as the dander is harmful to our heat technicians and equipment.

____18. If you have applied residual pesticide powders, or diatomaceous earth (dangerous to the respiratory system) it is essential that you vacuum up all residue as our fans will disperse these highly toxic powders throughout the air which will become a hazard to the heat technicians and you.

Please remove items:

 Medical equipment (oxygen bottles and generators).

 Compressed gases

 Pressurized cans and containers (fire extinguishers, aerosol cans etc.)

 Flammable products or combustible chemicals (cigarette lighters, lighter fluid, mineral spirits, paint thinner, etc.

 Crayons, Candles, Wax figurines and meltable cosmetics

Oil paintings, acrylics (artwork), antiques and old photos

Musical instruments (guitars, violins and other delicate musical instructions)

Indoor plants, seeds and bulbs
All Pets, fish tanks can be covered, turn off filter and aeration

All guns, ammunition, fireworks, fuel, gasoline and propane

Soft vinyl items and vinyl records


  • Your home and many of your belongings may still be warm. This is normal and your home and belongings will cool down shortly. Opening windows and doors can speed up this process.
  •   You will find dead bed bugs after the treatment. These can be easily vacuumed up. You should not find any live bed bugs in your home. If you believe that you still have live bed bugs please contact us immediately.
  •  Please do not turn electronics on for two hours after treatment is completed.


 If the areas to be treated are not prepared according to this notice, a preparation fee and/or a reschedule fee ($250 minimum) may be assessed.

  Some structures may require extra time (24-48 hours) for successful treatment. Unreliable power sources and concrete structures are common reasons for longer treatment times. ECO DC representative will work to keep you informed of any changes.

ECO DC assumes no liability for damage to structures not built to local codes, or for faulty gas meters, pipes, or wires. We are not liable for damage to old, oxidized, or improperly applied, peeled, or chipped finishes. We also assume no liability for damage to painted surfaces.

HIGH TEMPERATURE WARNING: Thermal heat treatments involve high temperatures up to 135° F. The above precautions are suggestions and do not include everything that may be affected by heat. It is the tenant’s responsibility to identify and safeguard any items that may be affected by the treatment. ECO DC assumes no liability for damage to structures or items that are not heat safe.

TURBULENT AIRFLOW WARNING: Thermal heat treatments involve turbulent air flow that may disturb loose paper, lampshades, and other lightweight items. Please gather loose papers and articles and place them in boxes.

After treatment, you will notice clothing, mattresses, blankets, sofa cushions, etc. are not the way youleft them. ECO DC technicians must rotate these items to achieve even heat distribution throughout the treatment area.

Teamwork… ECO DC + You. In order to treat your home successfully and eradicate bed bugs from your living area, your cooperation is essential. You will be called upon to complete some preparation of the area(s) to be treated. Failure to properly prepare will likely result in the postponement/cancellation of your treatment, and ultimately… more bed bugs!

If a generated is to be used please allow us two car length spaces for our unmarked vehicles.

Do not hesitate to call us at (202) 709-7490 for any questions or concerns.