Bio-Pesticide Treatment

Our solution uses an all natural fungal disease found in the earth to eradicate bed bugs in an organic way. This eliminates the use of harmful chemicals that can be dangerous for your family and pets.

fighting bed bugs with science!

This solutions contains millions of microscopic spores that bed bugs come in contact with and spread amongst one another throughout the nest. These spores are absorbed and germinate within 3-7 days which causes them to completely shut down from the inside out.

What we do.

We administer a fungal barrier in your entire home where bed bugs are likely to cross and come in contact with the spores. Typical places include bed frames, bottom of box springs, head boards, picture frames, sofas/chairs, baseboards, crack/crevices etc. This barrier lasts 90 days and will continue to kill all stages of bed bugs.

Why its effective.

Our bio-pesticide solutions contains Beauveria bassiana which does not affect humans or animals. Beauveria and other insect diseases have been used to control insects for hundreds of years. Its recent use on bed bugs have turned out to be phenomenal for eradication and our customers will agree. Best of all once a bed bug dies new spores can from on the outside of its shell and those same spores can now infect others bed bugs that may still be in the home.

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