Bed bugs & warm weather

“The peak season for bed bugs is June through October. The increase in heat and humidity during the summer and early fall months does appear to have the effect of making bed bugs more active. … However, bed bugs are indoor pests and do not die out in the winter time so vigilance is necessary year-round.”

As the weather gets warmer everyone prepares to travel. Travels unfortunately sometimes comes with the company of bed bugs, as places you stay might be infested without you knowing.

Please be very aware of where you’re placing your belongings. Below are some things to look for during your travels.

“When traveling:
Inspect any room where you will be staying for the presence of bed bugs. You generally can do this without any extra tools but a flashlight can be useful.

Check the mattress and headboard before sleeping.

Inspect luggage racks.

In hotel rooms, use luggage racks to hold your luggage when packing or unpacking rather than setting your luggage on the bed or floor.

Try to keep luggage away from bed.

Upon returning home, unpack directly into a washing machine and inspect your luggage carefully.

Remember that time in a dryer at high temperatures kills the bed bugs (just washing will generally not kill bed bugs).

Store suitcases away from your bedroom, such as in the basement or garage.

Never store suitcases under your bed.”

Enjoy the warm weather and stay bed bug free!

If you have any bed bug suspicions in your home we are a call away!


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