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Washington, dc now ranks #3 for most bed bug infected cities in the usa. Bed bugs have been on the rise in the DMV area over the last two decades due to their immunity to today’s pesticides. Simply spraying chemicals alone will Not solve your issue and will cause them to spread.

The only solution to bed bugs is Heat which kills all stages of bed bugs and their eggs. these pests aren’t just on your mattress which requires most people to seek professional help. Our bed bug specialists treats all of the areas in your home effectively by using innovative thermal heat methods and Green Solutions to rid your home of bedbugs.

All of our work is 100% Guaranteed by our top of the line bed bug control experts and backed by our industry leading warranty.

Anyone can get bed bugs regardless of how or where you live, but not just any Pest Control company can eradicate them. Make sure its done right the first time to save money and stress!

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Need A Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Washington DC?

The absolute best way to get rid of bed bugs is thermal remediation. This technology is environmental friendly and has been proven to be 98-100% effective.

Bedbugs can’t withstand extreme heat and we safely raise the temperature of your home to 135 degrees plus.

Heat is evenly distributed in your home reaching every crack and crevice to eradicate all stages of life in minutes!


How Much Does A Bed Bug Treatment Cost?

There are a few factors that come into play when determining a bed bug treatment cost. The level of infestation is a major factor when determining cost. Homes that are highly infested call for more work to be done and is typically a higher cost. If you can catch the situation early it’s a lot less costly on your pockets!

Cost also depends on which bed bug treatment method you choose. We offer bed bug heat treatments as well as steam treatments, and bio-pesticide solutions. Not all bed bug infestations are the same and need to be examined to determine what will work best. Your inspector will recommend which treatment would fit your needs based on your situation.


How to tell if you have bed bug bites

Most bed bugs will bite in a line of 3 or 4 bumps somewhere on your body. Some people can have an allergic reaction to the bite and break out into hives. Some people may not show any signs of bed bug bites until 1-2 weeks after due to delayed reaction and only 50% of the population will have any type of skin reaction at all, that means half of you will literally be bitten and never show any bump or welt on your skin ever.

The symptom varies but in most cases it won’t appear to look like a rash it will be raised bumps on your skin around your neck, arm, back, stomach or legs. Even a doctor can misdiagnose the bite since they look very similar to mosquito and other insect bites. Luckily bed bugs do not transfer any disease or infections. They are just a very nerve wracking pest that cost many their sleep and sanity.

Bed bug bites in a pattern of 3 or 4 bumps grouped very close together.


If you suspect your home has bed bugs there are a few indicators to look for in your bedroom. An easy place to start would be the seams of the mattress. Bedbugs like to hide along these areas and will typically leave fecal matter around along the seams. These excrements are small dots and are typically black or a very dark brown in color. They will look almost inky and will be a stain that is extremely hard to remove. Box springs are a prime place where bedbugs will leave their exoskeletons after they molt and change into the next stage. Simply turn the box spring over and check along the bottom for tiny light brown shells in the form of a bed bug. You may also find bed bug eggs on the box spring or bed frame itself. The eggs are very small in size about one fifth the size of a grain of uncooked white rice and look very similar to rice as well. Female bedbugs generally lay their eggs close together so you may see multiple eggs around the corner of a box spring or crack along the headboard.

Bed bug exoskeleton, eggs, and excrements on a box spring

We are not a pest control company, we are the bed bug experts!

When considering on choosing a pest control company to get rid of bed bugs one thing you will always want to consider is who are the specialists! Bedbugs are not your average pest therefore require a thorough treatment plan. Bedbugs are extremely hard to kill and can hide in the smallest cracks and crevices on your furniture. It all starts with the inspection and many pest control companies do not train their technicians proper procedure to inspect and eradicate bed bugs.

We use UV lighting on your bedding, sheets, and furniture items to spot the tiniest nymph bed bug and their eggs. We also check the baseboards, walls, outlets, picture frames, vents, and every well known hiding place. Believe it or not some companies will only check your mattresses and not even all the rooms. We check the whole house for any evidence that points to bedbugs and develop a plan on the spot to get rid of every last one.


Zara Anderson
Zara Anderson
January 16, 2022.
I started having these weird bites on my skin after my husband and I came back from our stay in an Airbnb. I did some googling and it looked exactly like bed bug bites. I initially freaked out and decided to give this company a call and I couldn’t be happier. The woman who answered the phone was extremely helpful and got someone out to me within the hour. They checked my entire home top to bottom and found traces of bed bugs and eggs on my luggage that I brought from my recent trip. I was clearly shaken up by this but the technician was so calm and very reassuring that he could take care of this problem for us. I was surprised they could treat same day and very thankful since I did not want to sleep in my room in fear of being bitten again. I decided to go with their steam treatment option since the tech explained it wasn’t a infestation and that a heat treatment was most likely not recommended at this early stage. I truly appreciate him not trying to up sale anything to me and gave me his honest opinion. I was very pleased with his work he really took his time and I haven’t had a single bite in several months. I wanted to hold out on this review just to make sure it worked first so you guys deserve this! Thank you so much for everything i will recommend you to any friends or family that ever have this unfortunate problem. Zara,
Sarah Rosenberg
Sarah Rosenberg
October 8, 2021.
My boyfriend and I hired this company after getting a quote from another company which didn't seem competent enough for the job. When ECO came out to do the inspection it was extremely thorough and detailed compared to the last company we used. The technician was helpful and really kind when answering all of our questions. He explained how their heat treatment worked for bed bugs and i was sold! We just really needed them gone since they had been in our home for 6 months before we ever even noticed them. Both myself and my boyfriend don't react to bed bug bites which i had no idea was a thing. The treatment took about 8 hours total and they really went above and beyond. The prep wasn't too bad on our end and they walked us through every step and even did their best to put things back where they found them. Double bonus! When we came back home you could literally see how the annihilated all the bed bugs in our home is was quite the pleasant sight. They came back about 3 weeks later for a follow up inspection and didn't find one single sign of bed bugs! I was ecstatic and could finally get a good nights rest. I absolutely loved their service and would recommend them to anyone dealing with bed bugs. Thanks again!
Katherine Manouchehri
Katherine Manouchehri
September 20, 2021.
The service was outstanding from start to finish! These guys were so responsive, understanding, professional, and helpful throughout the whole process. They even came back to make sure it was all taken care off after the fact. I highly recommend them! Hoping I never have to use them myself again, but if so, they would definitely be my first call. Thanks, ya’ll!
Marilyn Zak
Marilyn Zak
July 30, 2021.
They were able to come on Saturday afternoon so I did not have to wait until Monday.
June 16, 2021.
I recently used (beginning of June 2021) the Eco Bed Bug Exterminator company services. I contacted their office in the evening by simply sending an email online. In about 45 - 60 minutes someone from the office responded to my inquiry. I was extremely satisfied with the way my request was handled. One of their wonderful technicians (Jared) came next day to inspect my apartment. I asked to check for roaches, , other flying insects and bed bugs. I was VERY IMPRESSED with the professionalism, knowledge level, effectiveness, pricing, responsiveness, respect, and CARE to solve an unpleasant surprise of bed bugs issue. I am a super clean person, keeping my apartment spotless and a surprise news was given to me after the tech - Jared did the inspection. Signs of bed bugs. They are very hard to manage, deal with and get rid of. They can distress your life on a deeper level. It was not an infestation situation, but one or few can multiply/reproduct extremely quickly. A nightmare! I must carried one home by using public transportation like Uber/Lift/Via. Jared ease my anxiety and panic attack. Immediately, I agreed to get a treatment. JaredI (tech) provided the proper treatment all over my apartment. I moved out and stayed with a friend for a few weeks. I want customers to know. trust and use Eco Bed Bugs Exterminator!!! They know the business and their provided treatment work like magic. It's embarrassing to talk about bed bugs. However, this is the company to consider, contact and get the best results dealing with any roaches, rodents and/or bed bugs. I decided to share my current experience with the hope that you will get release from such unpleasant issue. Again, the quality of service, level of confidentiality, respect, communication , knowledge and their final product are what Eco Bed Bug Exterminator offers. I honestly recommend them.and give them the highest number of stars for their provided services. Thank you Tim, Jared and all your office team for the best service and quality your company provided in my case.. You can trust and have full confidence in this hard working team! They did an EXCELLENT job. Once again, a big thank you.! Mary M
Cynthia Wood
Cynthia Wood
April 7, 2021.
The company specializes in bed bug removal, as I had them hiding for months, without knowing. After calling several places and deciding the right treatment for my situation, Eco Bed Bug Exterminators were the BEST choice. They explained what I needed to do for preparation and I had the heat treatment. Jared is extremely professional and did an awesome job, explaining everything in a very understandable manner. They did one follow-up treatment because my case was pretty bad and he just finished the final inspection - NO sign of bedbugs and I could not be happier! I highly recommend Jared and Eco Bed Bug Exterminators, especially if you have tried other methods. Bed bugs are VERY hard to get rid of completely, as I learned from other people since my experience in fall of 2020.
Annette Antonelli
Annette Antonelli
November 11, 2020.
People told me that traveling so much was bound to get me bedbugs eventually, but I always thought, “no way, that’s why I’m careful about which hotels I choose.” Would you believe that my latest trip to the obx (right here in the USA!) was the trip that finally caught up to me. As soon as I realized there might be a problem, I called Eco DC and Jared was there within a couple hours and inspected thoroughly and kept after it until he finally found a culprit. He was back by that evening with his equipment and he stayed engaged until every inch of this premise was protected and treated. Thanks, Eco DC, you’re killin’ it. 😂😊
DC Swele
DC Swele
October 16, 2020.
Thorough inspection and detailed job. Would use again for an inspection if one was needed. Great job.
Terry Bunton
Terry Bunton
September 4, 2020.
They did a fantastic job of exterminating at our home. We also want to commend Jarrod for his professionalism, knowledge, and demeanor. He was a pleasure to work with during such a stressful time. Great company to work with!