Back to School? Be Bed Bug Aware


With students from all over heading back to school this month, parents and schools should be bed bug aware. According to the EPA, bed bugs are one of several pests that are a concern in schools and many states now require schools to have a policy of alerting parents of any infestation. However, unless the problem is widespread, it will likely go undetected for some time.

Don’t panic: school infestations are not a leading bed bug problem, bed bugs are not known to carry disease, and bed bugs do not infest people. However, since bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers, it is a time of year to be bed bug vigilant. Here are six steps you can take to help keep your child’s class or dorm room bed bug free.

Regularly heat-dry all bedding, clothes, and bags in your home and encourage your college student to do the same

Limit the items you send with your student to school.

Inspect all backpack and jackets for hitchhiking bedbugs.

Immediately alert school staff if you see a bedbug on campus or on your child.

Ask your school administration to see their pest policy and action plan.

In case of infestation in your own home, have an action plan that includes the professionals you will call to treat your home. ECO offer effective, chemical-free heat treatment.  Contact us today at ☎️ (202) 709-7490 to schedule an inspection!