Bed Bugs in Apartment & Condominiums Buildings

For a variety of reasons, bed bugs in apartment complexes are becoming an increasingly serious problem. Previously, apartment owners and managers would spend 90% of their pest control budget on general pests and 10% on bed bugs. In recent years, we’ve seen that shift to 90% spent on bed bugs and 10% on other pests! Bed bugs are a major problem in our region, and sadly, bed bugs in apartment complexes are becoming more widespread.

Why Apartment/Condo Buildings are Higher Risk

There are a few ways in which apartment buildings can be the perfect storm. Unfortunately, any one of these reasons, or a mix of them, can quickly lead to a major infection.

  • Bed bugs can easily be spread around an apartment building by tenants as they go about their daily lives. If someone has bed bugs and walks down a hallway, goes to the laundry room, or sits on a chair in the lobby, this could be the first step in spreading the problem to the rest of the building. When a renter moves in or out, the items they leave behind can also have bugs on them. Some apartment building designs can also make it easy for bed bugs to spread, such as shared heating vents or water entry points.
  • Friends and neighbors often hang out together. If one person has a problem, it can quickly spread if they hang out together or if their kids play together in one room and then the next.
  • Studies have shown that nearly half of residents living in apartment dwellings are aware they have bed bugs, but many are afraid to speak up due to fear of embarrassment. This is counter-intuitive, as not reporting the problem can make the infestation worse and make it difficult to get rid of the bed bugs. Bed bugs are not picky when it comes to cleanliness, so having an infestation is not as simple as a matter of how tidy your home is.

What Should You Do If You Discover Bed Bugs in Your Apartment/Condo Building?

As a tenant, your first duty is to notify your landlord of any suspected bed bug infestation. A professional pest control company should be contacted for guidance and help by the landlord. Once you have an appointment for your treatment, it is your responsibility to prepare your apartment. Do not self-treat since DIY treatments are repellant-based and may transmit bed bugs throughout the apartment complex.

Need Help Removing Bed Bugs?

If you think you have bed bugs or are interested in a home heat treatment, contact ECO Bed Bug at (202) 709-7490! ECO will create a focused, personalized plan to get rid of all bed bugs—eggs, visible ones, and any that might be hiding—after conducting a comprehensive inspection.

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