can you get bed bugs by helping someone move?

It’s likely that assisting someone move will expose you to bed bugs. This could happen in a variety of ways, including:

  • If you put some of the person’s boxes in your car.
  • If you put your bag or belongings on the person’s moving boxes.
  • If you pick up a box that has a bed bug on the outside, and it transfers to you.
  • If you’re offered and keep something belonging to your friend, as thanks for helping.

One of the easiest way to catch them isn’t when you’re moving boxes. It’s when you enter someone else’s home and put your belongings down. Bed bugs are fast and will try to enter your bag or clothing.

How to Avoid Bed Bugs When Assisting Someone with a Move

There are ways to avoid catching bed bugs while assisting someone with a move. Bed bug quarantine is an effective way to keep them from infiltrating your home. The quarantine can be implemented using the following procedures:

  • Purchase a clear plastic box. This is your quarantine container. 
  • Any outdoor clothing should be stored in sealed containers. If they are, bed bugs will be unable to enter your home through your belongings.
  • After using outdoor clothing, it should be washed. Bring the sealed container to the washing machine and empty it directly into the machine.
  • Keep your indoor and outdoor belongings completely separate.
  • Place bed bug traps near the feet of your bed. These are known as interceptors.

Washing on high heat is a sure way to get rid of bed bugs. They die as a result of both the temperature and the water. The interceptors, on the other hand, are crucial. Bed bugs prefer to live in your mattress. It’s ideal because it’s secure, hidden, and rarely disturbed. The interceptors will keep bed bugs away from your bed. This reduces the potential size of the infestation. Not only that, but it prevents bed bugs from spreading to other areas of your room.

They need to feed on you even if they only live in your furniture. If they can’t get to you, they can’t grow, breed, or lay eggs. Interceptors are your best tool for establishing bed bug quarantine.

If you suspect you’ve brought bed bugs into your house, call us right away to set up an inspection and treatment.

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