Bed Bug Incidents Account for Almost 8% of Animal-Related Insurance Claims, Allianz Reports

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Bed bug incidents, such as bites and infestations, account for almost 8% (534) of animal-related claims received by insurers, according to findings in the newly released Allianz Global Risk Dialogue, a review of 470,000 insurance claims over five years by Allianz Global & Specialty (AGCS).

Bed bug bites/infestation were the fifth top cause of animal-related liability claims according to the AGCS study. Only dog incidents (30%), deer incidents (17%) and bird incidents (8%) accounted for more animal-related liability claims, AGCS reported.

AGCS cited the 2018 Bugs Without Borders survey, conducted by the National Pest Management Association and the University of Kentucky, which found that infestations in the US continue at high rates, with 97% of respondents having treated for bed bugs in the past year. That number is significantly higher than 15 years ago when only 25% of pest control professionals reported treating for bed bugs.

While dog incidents were the top animal-related insurance claim, by far the most expensive insurance claims result from bird incidents, which are the third most frequent cause of animal-related claims (1,146), AGCS reports. This is hugely influenced by one type of loss – bird strikes with airplanes – for  which there have been over 900 claims in the past five years. The average bird strike claim costs around $368,000 in insured losses.

Source: Allianz

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