Bed bugs love the DMV


Washington DC is now ranking at #2 on Orkins top ten bedbuggiest cities as Maryland takes Chicago’s lead and jumps to #1.

“Bedbugs are the great hitchhiker of the bug world, and they are very difficult to control without professional help,” said Ron Harrison, an entomologist and Orkin technical-services director, of the survey that came out Jan. 3. They are no longer hiding just in your beds. They can be pretty much be found anywhere now a days, from your furniture, electrical outlets, to your dirty laundry. No specific spot is considered bed bug free as they have expanded. They travel, from a hospital bed to a hotel bed, to movie theaters. They are in your luggage like baggage you never meant to carry back home with you.

Lucky for you, Eco Bed Bug Exterminators  is here to help. Our heat with commercial grade steamers that reach temperatures of 327 degrees (Bed bug kill zone 120-140 degrees) is a process that works thoroughly and highly effective on bed bugs. Call us today for an inspection! If you’re like us, you want the bed bugs out of the DMV!

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