Airbnb Bed Bug Outbreak!

Renting-your-home-on-AirbnbAirbnb has become a go-to for booking travel stays, but what the hosts are failing to let you know is if their home has been exposed to bed bugs. We have treated well over a hundred Airbnb homes this year alone in Washington, DC and surrounding cities . When staying at an Airbnb home please be very cautious of the signs. Most cases don’t expose the bed bug itself, be on the look out for these signs: Tiny black dots around the mattress, sheets, and bed frame; Light colored exoskeleton, small bump or redness, itching or swelling. “Bedbugs are a sore topic for guests and hosts alike. Firstly, there often isn’t any physical evidence of an infestation because the bugs hide so well and bites don’t show up on some people, so hosts can dispute that the bedbugs even exist. Secondly, it’s hard to tell how and infestation started and hosts may accuse a complaining guest of bringing the bedbugs to their home. “Thankfully, our host gave us a refund and promised to get pest control in to investigate; we felt morally obligated to mention what had happened in our review to warn future travellers.” As told by and Airbnb guest.

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